شرکت صنعتی محک پلاستیک


Alongside the Needs of Construction Industry

Mahak Plastic is an industrial company established in 1985, and it stands as one of the leading manufacturers of sanitary ware for constructions and its associated fittings in Iran, operating under the trade name “Mahak”. The company’s products range comprises a variety of flushing cisterns (flush tanks), washbasin and sink siphons, bathtub siphons, floor drains, showerheads, fill and flush valves, and all the necessary components and connections essential for this industry.

Devotion to quality and synchronization with the demands of construction industry throughout this period have resulted in two significant outcomes. On one hand, it has elevated customer trust to a paramount level. On the other hand, it has prompted the company to recalibrate its forward-facing responsibilities into strategic objectives, considering the escalating housing needs. Hence, the paramount strategic goals of Mahak Plastic Company can be outlined as follows:

The commercial identity of Mahak in the realm of construction sanitary ware evokes associations of quality, competitive pricing, and judicious resource utilization. The collective aim of all staff members and the distribution network of this production entity is to uphold and safeguard this invaluable asset.

Developing new products in accordance with the paramount requirements of the construction industry and harmonizing them within the fabric of our production line constitutes another pivotal objective of the company.

The surge in housing demand within neighboring countries like Iraq, Afghanistan, and Syria, necessitating post-conflict reconstruction, creates a propitious environment for a more active market engagement. With a view to addressing a prevailing and enduring challenge for our manufacturers, namely price escalation, this company is poised to counterbalance price increases through measures including heightened productivity, investment in advanced-technology machinery for the production of new molds with augmented output capacity, energy conservation, and reduction of overhead expenses. This strategic endeavor aims to foster an expanded regional market presence.

Engaging with reputable international entities stands as a pivotal pursuit for this manufacturing unit in the coming years. This collaborative effort is designed to elevate product quality and facilitate the transfer of technical expertise, ultimately positioning the company for a stronger foothold in the global competitive landscape. Furthermore, a central objective for the upcoming years will be the optimal utilization of indigenous human resources.

Research and Development (R&D) and the creation of novel product designs, with an amplified focus on the pivotal role played by this sector in the company’s activities, bear profound importance. To fortify the Research and Development department in the years ahead, there will be a heightened infusion of capital into this segment. Additionally, collaboration with the National Standards Organization of Iran is slated to transpire for the formulation of both incentivizing and obligatory standards in the realm of sanitary building products.

Organizational Departments

Management Department

Mahak Plastics Company possesses a cohesive and unified management system that directs the company’s high-level objectives and decision-making. Notable among the essential undertakings of this management approach are the establishment of effective communication channels, the formulation and execution of the company’s vision, the management of development and the implementation of overarching strategies, the oversight of overall company performance in accordance with strategic blueprints, and the delineation of responsibilities and authorities for employees, communicated effectively to ensure efficient execution.

Commercial Department

The Commercial Department engages in a range of initiatives aimed at fostering business growth and relationships. Among the pivotal responsibilities of this department are formulating the company’s policies in the realms of finance and sales, devising long-term financial plans, executing strategic actions for market analysis and target market selection, entering into commercial contracts, and conducting comprehensive evaluations of the company’s product consumption trends in the market.

Financial Department

The Financial Department within this industrial enterprise stands as a pivotal department, playing a crucial role in the company’s achievements, and offering valuable insights into the impact of accounting on business growth. Among the most prominent activities undertaken by the Financial Department are transaction recording, budget formulation and strategic planning, decision-making processes, business performance assessment, financial status evaluation, credit management, financial provisioning, and adherence to legal requisites.

Administration Department

Among the company’s departments, the Administration Department emerges as a key entity, contributing to the enhanced organization of equipment and human resources. Foremost responsibilities within this department encompass executing the company’s policies and strategies in the realms of administration, personnel, and support affairs; supervising the effective implementation of activities by subordinate units; crafting and refining regulations, memoranda, and administrative protocols as required; strategizing to meet human resource demands; formulating schemes for employee welfare; overseeing the implementation of these initiatives; and ensuring meticulous adherence to employment regulations.

Research and Development Department

The Research and Development Department assumes a highly pivotal role in anchoring the operational triumph of this industrial enterprise. It shoulders the responsibility of furnishing the company with technological sustenance in congruence with the march of scientific progress, knowledge evolution, and managerial objectives. This department is tasked with designing new products and elevating their quality, cultivating innovative knowledge to facilitate product expansion and process optimization, expediting swift performance enhancements, identifying and comprehending market opportunities and demands, responding to consumer needs, conducting research toward curtailing production waste, and devising astute strategies to curtail production costs.

Production Department

The company’s production process involves a well-structured sequence of planning, organization, guidance, and active oversight to transform input components into finalized products within the Production Department. In this Department, a rigorous and systematic monitoring and control of processes such as fabrication, assembly, and preliminary product testing occur. The manufacturing and assembly of all products adhere rigorously to pre-established blueprints and utilize standardized, top-quality raw materials. Essential production tools, including molds and fixtures, are meticulously crafted within this department. Leveraging skilled operators, the production department employs premium-grade raw materials and collaborates closely with the Research and Development and Quality Control Department, ensuring the production of superior quality products.

Quality Control Department

The Quality Control Department holds a significant role within this company, engaging in the evaluation and ranking of suppliers based on the quality of raw materials or components delivered to the company’s production line. It entails the review and refinement of quality control policies, active involvement with Management Department in quality control strategies, training and supervision of employees to ensure their thorough comprehension of the quality framework, and the prevention of potential errors that could adversely impact the quality of the manufactured products.

Packaging Department

The Packaging Department assumes the vital role of identifying, preserving, and shielding products against environmental elements, impacts, and mechanical stresses, spanning the trajectory from production to consumption. Moreover, packaging design stands as a pivotal consideration contributing significantly to business advancement, a task undertaken within this Department in conjunction with the Research and Development and Quality Control Departments. Subsequent to the manufacturing process, products are transitioned to the Packaging Unit, and following the packaging phase, they are handed over to the Warehousing Department.

Warehousing Department

The Warehousing Department is charged with several crucial responsibilities, including the prompt issuance of purchase requisitions, generating receipts and warehouse records, cross-referencing purchase requisitions with acquired goods, determining suitable storage locations for products, implementing strategic arrangements for efficient layout, conducting periodic inventory counts, and providing surplus item reports at predefined intervals, all in accordance with state-of-the-art financial software systems. Additionally, the department oversees the reception and storage of returned items, issuance of corresponding return receipts, as well as generating essential reports concerning input and output deductions from the active inventory, meticulously aligned with contemporary financial software standards.

Sales Department

The delivery of services, information, and consumer advocacy stands as a matter of utmost importance within this company, overseen by the Sales Department. Comprising a team of highly experienced sales professionals, the Sales Department is dedicated to providing exemplary customer support, offering guidance, and embracing customer feedback. It also actively manages affairs related to representative entities.

Health and Medical Department

The Health and Medical Department, established within this company, operates with the primary objective of safeguarding the health of the workforce. Boasting an experienced medical staff, this department is committed to delivering comprehensive health and medical services. Additionally, it assumes responsibility for the control and supervision of pharmaceuticals and medical equipment, taking proactive steps to address shortages. It facilitates the referral of personnel to specialized medical practitioners for continuous treatments, alongside conducting paraclinical tests.

Health, Safety, and Environment Department

The Health, Safety, and Environment Department within this company serves a vital purpose by safeguarding human capital, preempting occupational illnesses, and effectively adhering to both national and international regulations. Simultaneously, it plays a significant role in environmental conservation and the pursuit of sustainable development. Central to its activities are periodic safety inspections of equipment and operational zones, aimed at identifying potential hazards and implementing corrective and preventive measures to elevate safety indicators, optimize workplace conditions, avert potential accidents, and curtail costs.

با توجه به کمبود برق و محدودیت اعمال‌شده توسط اداره برق منطقه، شرکت محک پلاستیک در روز شنبه مورخ 1403/03/26 تعطیل خواهد بود.