Bathtub Siphons

Mahak Plastic Company, renowned for its brand ‘Mahak’, stands at the forefront of the construction industry in manufacturing plastic products. Through meticulous examination and responsiveness to the needs of the construction sector, and a steadfast commitment to the highest quality in all its products, this enterprise actively operates as a fundamental cornerstone in the realm of sanitary ware production. Experts consider Mahak products to be synonymous with trouble-free solutions.

One of the highly utilitarian fixtures in modern residential buildings is the bathtub siphon. The operational mechanism of these siphons ensures that a certain amount of water remains inside after each discharge, effectively creating a seal between the interior of the pipe and the outside environment. As a result, unpleasant odors and noxious insects are prevented from entering the premises. The bathtub siphon, an indispensable accessory for the bathtub, is responsible for facilitating the drainage of water from it. These siphons are available in two variants: the simple type and the automatic type, with the automatic variety being notably more convenient and user-friendly compared to the simple siphons.