Fill and Flush Valves

The flush valve holds significant importance as one of the key components housed within a flushing cistern, being responsible for efficiently discharging the accumulated water from the tank. Designed with an overflow feature, the flush valve ensures that in the event of uninterrupted water flow due to the fill valve, any surplus water is appropriately directed through the connecting pipes for discharge.

The fill valve, also referred to as the float valve, is a crucial auxiliary component in flushing cisterns, playing a vital role in water level regulation. Connected to the water inlet through a flexible hose, the fill valve is designed to become active as the water level fluctuates. It effectively controls the flow of water, either allowing it to pass or cutting it off, depending on the water level. Furthermore, the fill valve serves to prevent overflow and backflow in the event of reduced water pressure. Its principal application lies in sanitary services, encompassing both Eastern-style and Western-style toilets.

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