Spare Parts

Mahak Plastic Company, renowned for its brand ‘Mahak’, stands at the forefront of the construction industry in manufacturing plastic products. Through meticulous examination and responsiveness to the needs of the construction sector, and a steadfast commitment to the highest quality in all its products, this enterprise actively operates as a fundamental cornerstone in the realm of sanitary ware production. Experts consider Mahak products to be synonymous with trouble-free solutions.

Spare parts consist of consumable components used in equipment related to building sanitary ware and their corresponding fittings. Through the supply of spare parts for these consumable components, this company has created a favorable platform for consumers to utilize their products. These spare parts encompass a variety of items, including rawlplugs, drain siphon wastes, overflow fittings, three-way and four-way fittings, washers, pipes, and elbows. Each of these spare parts serves a specific purpose within one of the manufactured products offered by this company.