Washbasin and Sink Siphons

Mahak Plastic Company, renowned for its brand ‘Mahak’, stands at the forefront of the construction industry in manufacturing plastic products. Through meticulous examination and responsiveness to the needs of the construction sector, and a steadfast commitment to the highest quality in all its products, this enterprise actively operates as a fundamental cornerstone in the realm of sanitary ware production. Experts consider Mahak products to be synonymous with trouble-free solutions.

The term siphon refers to a diverse range of devices involving the flow of liquids within pipes. Specifically, it describes a U-shaped tube that enables the upward movement of water without the use of pumps or any external force. In essence, this water drainage system not only directs the water used in these devices into the sewage system for disposal but also provides a completely hygienic solution to prevent the dissemination of odors resulting from washing. The functioning of this mechanism relies on the presence of a specific amount of water retained in the U-shaped section, and it is at this point that the true essence of a siphon comes to fruition. These siphons are available in various types, such as single-trap, double-trap, triple-trap, flexible, automatic washing machine with overflow, pressure-based, and others.