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Shower Siphon 401


Product Specifications

Material PP and Stainless Steel
Discharge Mechanism Manual
Waste Diameter 40 mm
Discharge Pipe Diameter 40 mm
Discharge Pipe Length 900 mm

The Mahak shower siphon 401 is a practical and proper choice catering to the demands of the building construction industry. For the production of this product, advanced machinery and top-grade raw materials are employed to ensure utmost quality and excellence. Every stage of production, assembly, and packaging undergoes thorough scrutiny and supervision by our dedicated Quality Control Department, ensuring the integrity and optimal performance of the final product.

As evident from the name “shower siphon”, this product is specifically designed for use in showers. The siphon’s design adheres to established building standards. Moreover, the siphon is manufactured using top-quality polymer materials, ensuring both high malleability and remarkable flexibility, while effectively preventing water leakage resulting from cracks or fissures. The siphon’s exceptional flexibility allows for its application in even the most intricate geometrical conditions within buildings. The waste of this product has a diameter of 40 millimeters, while the discharge corrugated pipe measures 40 millimeters in diameter and extends to a length of 900 millimeters. Additionally, the siphon is equipped with an overflow fitting and boasts a weight of approximately 250 grams. Noteworthy attributes of this product include its superior quality, durability, secure waterproofing, and resistance against moisture, temperature fluctuations, and external forces.

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