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Showerhead 710


Product Specifications

Material PP
Diameter 100 mm
Other Easy Sedimentation
Equipped with Gel Sediment Trap
360 Degrees Rotation Capability
Resistance to Water Hardness and Temperature Changes

The Mahak showerhead 710 is a practical and proper choice catering to the demands of the building construction industry. For the production of this product, advanced machinery and top-grade raw materials are employed to ensure utmost quality and excellence. Every stage of production, assembly, and packaging undergoes thorough scrutiny and supervision by our dedicated Quality Control Department, ensuring the integrity and optimal performance of the final product.

This showerhead is an exemplary sanitary product distinguished by its quality. With a multitude of water nozzles, it ensures an optimal dispersion of water, thereby effectively reducing water consumption. The use of high-grade plastic in its construction serves to thwart corrosion and rust due to moisture exposure. Moreover, the incorporated sediment filter plays a pivotal role in eliminating water impurities, chlorine, and harmful substances. Furthermore, in regions where water carries a substantial mineral content, the sediment filter can be conveniently detached and cleansed. The utilization of this showerhead, coupled with an appropriately calibrated water pressure during bathing, has the potential to yield profound psychological and neurological benefits. It bestows tranquility, comfort, and gratification. It is important to note that Mahak showerhead proudly holds the National Standard Mark of Iran, and with lifelong after-sales services, it comprehensively meets the requirements of the building construction industry.

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